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Spanish Gourmet is a small company specialized in artisan Spanish delicatessen made by local producers.
We offer a wide range of gourmet products made with the best raw materials to create unique products that meet the highest food quality standards.

The company was born from the owner´s passion for Spanish gastronomy. With Maria Jose’s experience on gourmet events management and her love for the gastronomic and the collaborator´s experiences a food distributors, vinegrowers and sommeliers that is helping to Maria jose .


Spanish Food Online

Spanish Gourmet put at your disposal, in a very simple manner, a very good selected range of Gourmet products expecially for you. How product come directly of the producer, this guarantees freshness and quality of our products.

Spanish Gourmet search the special and unique, traditional flavours , those traditional flavours that they was losse due to large producers that dont make their products handmade and cheaper imports from other parts of the world.

Gastronomic Spain

Spanish Gourmet was born with the aim of promition and providing excellent Spanish artisan products from those. Our variety of quality producers who produce their products following the most careful and meticulous traditional methods is really great.

Your Spanish Shop

Spanish Gourmet focus on offering a wide range of gourmet products with an excelet quality. Our producers are not known and as a consequence, many of them want to make their magnificent products known in Uk and the rest abroad. Our magnifian project try to discovers and promotes these gastronomic jewels worldwide via our online store.

We have passion for food excellence motivates, we have passion for the gourmet product, of course we have passion for the gourmet cooking and this make us day by day us grow more and more. Spanish Gourmet continually seek new gourmet treasures in the local small producers that transmit the excelent quality of the Spanish cooking .