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I'm a big fan of Special Reserve Palette but Iberico is the way, it's just melts in your mouth, amazing.
Beatrice Blair
I love all the products! They are an excellent dinner when I am a little hungry.
Christian Gibson
The Bellota Iberian is expensive because of the way the pigs are raised, the less stress the animal is, the better the meat taste.
Candy Smith
Your products are stunning Thank you so, so much.
Laura Willkins
Good quality cheese and honey. I love all of the beef jerky!
Markus Wallberg
The ham is a delicious meat and much better than simple burger in London. Nice product
Harry Pilsener
This is the first ham I tasted and it was a very good surprise. My favorite version is the Emiliano garcia one but this one is a really good classic.
Jack Jein